ANOTHER BIG PASSION of mine is food. Both eating and cooking it. Well, those of you who know me also know that I'm very picky (I would say conscious) with what I put into my mouth, but... That's another chapter. Let's save it for next time.

To me, cooking is a kind of meditation. I totally lose sense of time. I love spending hours slicing, stirring, frying, decorating. Here you see yesterdays's dinner - my favourite quinoa salad with beetroots and chèvre! If you haven't tried that combo yet, you really should. Sooo delicious and sooo addictive! 

I hardly ever stick to a recipe. Therefore I won't, and can't, give you any exact amounts. Cooking is about using your senses. Good luck! xx

Quinoa salad with beetroots and chèvre

4 beetroots

2 dl black quinoa
4 dl water
vegetable bouillon

2 carrots 
2 garlic cloves
olive oil
cayenne pepper
sea salt

1/4 cucumber
2 red onions
lettuce of your own choice

liquid honey


Chop the beetroots in smaller pieces and then boil them soft. 

Boil the quinoa (2 dl) and bouillon with double amount water (4 dl). Instructions should be found on the package.

Slice the carrots into long thin slices. Personally I prefer to use a cheese slicer. Fry them in olive oil together with the pressed garlic. Season with sea salt and cayenne pepper.

Chop the cucumber and onion and put it in a large pretty bowl. Then add the beetroots, quinoa and carrots when ready. Serve with lettuce and top with crumbled chèvre. Don't forget a little drizzle of honey. It goes perfectly with the salty cheese! Yummy! 

(Psst! Make sure to always use organic ingredients. Greater taste and much healthier!)


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