// Bag - Inherited // Heels - bought on Tenerife // The rest - 2nd hand // 

DID YOU KNOW that perches have different personalities? I learned that on the radio the other day. On the other hand, why wouldn't they?

Another funny thing is that my boyfriend started to play Christmas carols yesterday. No comments on that one... He's btw the man to blame (and this) for my blog brakes a little now and then as he's away working (hate it) more than he's at home. So, those brakes stand for another aka. Let's call it quality time. 

Like my outfit? VOTE!


  1. I need a fur like that. You styled it really well. I have seen some really gross ways fur has been styled but you did it really well :)

    1. As I use to say - It's all about feeling, to find and create the right combo!
      Some has it, some don't.
      So happy that you liked it. Thank you, Domenic!
      Take care!


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