// Sunnies - Prada // T-shirt, belt and jewelry - 2nd hand // Jacket - H&M // Jeans - Gina Tricot (old collection) // Heels - Zara // Bag - mum's old // Watch - antique shop //

YESTERDAY ME AND my family went for a little road trip together. Finland, flea markets, stone museum and last, but not least, to the sea (how I've been longing...). And in an instant my soul found peace. There's this tickling attraction and magic that's hard to find anywhere else. What's out there? Hope, dreams, overwhelmness. A feeling of being so little, so vulnerable. I just love it.

Tell me - what makes you peaceful?

And YES, you're right! THAT'S my freaking face!! Eventually I was about to cut the picture as I normally do (shy as I am + hating my face in 99% of all pictures...), but then I thought - Oh, never mind, not that bad. So, there you have me, in case you've been wondering who's the responsible to what you see and read over here... Speaking of it - why are we always so curious and want to see a face? (At least, I am). I mean, does it change our opinion on what we think of the whole? Make or break, kind of. If you get me - what's your thoughts? I'm more than eager to hear. Don't be shy! (Pfffff!! Kind of wrong person to say that...).

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  1. Bakersroadstaint3:27 pm, August 01, 2012

    You are so beautiful. From top to toe.


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