As I guess you've noticed the system has been shut down for a while? It hasn't been just technically (my surf ran out...), but also physical and mentally. 

It went from sunshine to trashed eye lids. Literally. I tell you.

I phoned the weather gods and, Thank GOD!, they answered my longtime wish: RAIN!!! The more the better! (I heard your thought! No, I'm not mad. I'm allergic...). I only USED to be when younger, but this spring my eyes were about to pop out of my head! Sorry, but rain - That's my hero at the moment to bring this yellow powder shit down to the ground instead of pollute my whole entire system making it go crash boom bang! Exhausting. Annoying. For sure. But NOW I can finally breath, see and WORK as normal again! I'm back (fingers crossed...). Friends? Rain is pretty refreshing sometimes, don't you think?!

And the mental part you wonder? We save that for another, sunny, day I think. Who says a shutdown equals something negative? 
Let's put it this way: BIG things are coming up in the very near future AND you better stay tuned... 
It's about time to shake the system! And I hope YOU will help me!

Sweater & jeans / 2nd hand, belt / mum's old, shoes / Din Sko

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  1. Hi lovely~~ You me both wishing for some rain hehe

    love love love all your outfit posts!~ :) xxx

    Di of Allloveus


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