I HAVE ALWAYS been a bit skeptical when it comes to tattoos. Always said I never gonna get one. Au naturel, that's my style. And, not to mention the matter I definitely would end up disappointed, unsatisfied. Well, the ones who know me get this part... I'm an insanely perfectionist. I bet I would end up whining about a line being unstraight, wider at some point and thiner at another. Money guaranteed. Paaaanic, helloooo! Who copes with that shit? Not me. Only thinking this anxious thought makes me scared. But craftsmanship is never perfect, uh? Crazy bitch, you think. By all means.

Guess what?! The bitch has something to admit. Surprisingly she has started to like tattoos more and more. Or, the idea of actually having one myself. BUT, nota bene, baby! I'm never ever getting one of those pointing in a book, no meaning, unpersonal kind of things. Why do people even do that? Note the following capital letters: IF I by some strange reason would engrave a part of my holy body it HAS to have a meaning, a background and a history. Or being odd and different. Or minimalistic. Or barely visible. Or everything at the same time. Aaaaah! Come on! Don't YOU get decision anxiety when it comes to such permanent things? I mean, it's something that will follow you 24/7, probably for the rest of your life. You can't just rub it away with some water. No no. Today you're more unusual if you DON'T have one. I like that idea. Being different. Just me, clean. 
No, Mr. Needle... You will have to wait for penetrating my pale skin for a while.

What's your thoughts about tattoos? Do you have any? What do they look like?


  1. Hej Emma! Jag vet precis vad du menar och funderar själv stark på att skaffa en. Kom hem från Amsterdam i förrgår och Johan och jag var jättebra att gå in i en tattoshop och göra varsin.... Ok, jag var mest nära. Ska vi göra tillsammans? ;) fin blogg kompis. I will call you someday hun! Love from Stockholm and Nina and Johan

  2. Jag har en tatuering på underarmen där det står "believe in yourself". Jag ångrar den inte för en sekund, eftersom den betyder mycket för mig. Fin blogg annars!


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