Jacket / inherited, top, jeans & belt / 2nd hand, purse / mum's old, boots / Scorett (old collection).

ON FRIDAY ME, MY family and friends had a wonderfully PERFECT midsummer celebration with lots and lots of a tasty food, crazy games and good long-lasting laughs! Thank you! xx. 

Still a bit chilly though so no classic white dress for me. Instead this little floral top acted as the summery savior in honour of the day. I LOVE to wear colours when the sun is shining! Mood booster for sure! And don't be afraid to go all in. Splash boom baaang!

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  1. Love your outfit! Those pink pants are awsome!

  2. I hate that I'm missing out on the Swedish summer this year!! :( book... Gorgeous photos!! xx Di

    1. What a shame! It really is something special.
      Thanks for liking my photos! xx


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