THAT WAS THE 3rd and last one out of my no jean outfits and I must admit I feel relieved that this is over and I can be myself again. YES, it has been that bad.. Like I pretended to be someone I'm not. Maybe it's a fact - I have found my own true style and what works best for me, but not really have had the guts to confess it with the fear to seem boring? I'm a jeans girl and so what? In some way it feels good. Jeans don't necessarily equals dullness and inanity. A classic never go out of style. I mean, thinking of all different fits, lengths and colours - how can you NOT be creative?

I have always been the typical skinny fit/low waist kind of girl (except from that time in high school when the high waist was THE model to wear...), but nothing bad that doesn't bring something good, right? 

This little rehab made me crave for a more relaxed and nonchalant jean fit. The thought of wearing a pair of jeans that looks a bit too big, like I've borrowed someone else's or bought them a few sizes bigger, is something I find VERY fun and exciting at the moment. Add some heels and your look is complete! Boy meets girl, kind of way. Androgyniety in mind and you will always create great outfits cause the garments will naturally balance each other. We all know about Yin & Yang, right?

BUT - I still can't get over what's so special about denim. Cause it has to be something? The durable garment once found among hard workers such as cowboys, sailors and gold diggers has advanced. Today we find them next to a (sometimes even cheaper!) gown, even in the finer salons. So, how did this happen? Ralph Lauren, being the first designer to give this plain kind of pant a whole new status, might be the one who opened the door into the fashion scene, but personally it's the sexy simplicity that comes with a pair of jeans that's appealing to me. Not speaking about their ability to work with almost everything, that's something not many other garments master. A style tips? Just match them with personality and you're always smashing and sooo ready to go! 

Lovely "Jeany", I will never leave you again! That's a promise. xx

Tell me, what fashion character are you?

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