There's no doubt that this year's "just stepped out of the water" (BIG) hair trend comes in a lot of different varieties. A messy chignon, sleek ponytail or just damped strands. There are no limits. Every designer had their wet versions running down the runway for spring/summer (and also spotted at some AW-shows). Quite a high fashion trend so, I guess this is something you either love or hate. Sexy, simple and summery. Definitely, but the question is - how many dare to show(er)-off this trend? Personally I actually feel a bit excited to try it, but in order not to make people think "did she forget to shower...?", I'm gonna go for the more messed up style. Think that fits me better too.

To create this look I think you should forget about the blow dryer. Instead apply either volumizing mousse and/or gel into damped hair and mess it up/comb as desired. Then let it dry naturally. Experiment and you'll find out what works best on you and your hair. Remember, it's all about making it look unfixed!

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