IT'S NO SECRET I've always loved interior design. Actually, that was where my passion for design once started. For as long as I can remember I've always loved to get lost in interior magazines (preferably in some other language than my own), refurnishing my room a little too often and decorate and create using odd unexpected things. I found it as a way to express myself and my feelings. I was sketching on furnitures, lamps, rooms and I still can feel that creepy, but amazed feeling I got when I saw a picture of a new table by Zaha Hadid. Literally a CLONE of a table I had sketched on a long time before. A sign, a hint - you tell me.

For years I had this dream of becoming an interior designer, but somewhere along the way, during my year at design school, those dreams started to fade. I still remember this time. Some might had confront their sudden popup feelings with anxiety, but I tell you - this period in life I actually look back on with happiness, with relief. It was here, in the end of my final term (2 years ago and it feels like yesterday... Man, time flies!) when all my class mates were head over heels engulfed by working samples (Well, not going to hide the fact I was one of them working day and night with that shit... Puuh!), I realized my heart was telling me something. It wasn't about a table nor planning the layout for those samples. No, it was about an other art form, to me, much more vivid. More alive. I saw a width and versatility I had never experienced before. I could feel an energy and playfulness the interior design lacked.

This new passion of mine - THIS was expression. This was ART! What profoundly grasped my mind and soul and made my interior plans go "Pooof!!" and "Up, up and away!!"? I tell you. Straight up. FASHION. Ever since - I'm hooked. Can't get enough and don't want to for that matter.

Fashion is reflections of time, a glimpse of future and days ahead.
A silent language, expressing emotions,
no words need to be said. 

It is who we are and sometimes who we might want to be. 
A perfect blend of beauty, soul
and identity.

Attraction, satisfaction and so much more than it sometimes seems.
It is about proportions, values 
and all those dreams.

Add, remove or leave untouched.
A never ending equation, 
a lifetime relation.

There's no today, no tomorrow, no yesterday.
Fashion is constant, changeable, but most of all it's free.
It's for you.
It's for me.

Opposites, contrasts and passion packed,
how come it took me
those years to react?

This is my future. I can feel it. Down to the bone. In what way I still haven't figured out. I'm standing at the crossroad, staring at the stars. Do they know? I better start walking cause that cab, bus or whatever doesn't seem to pass by that often. What I do know is that this time I'm not going to move forward, left nor right. No, that's sooo yesterday... I raise my head again. Maybe this is where I should aim? Fuck those roads (they might be cul-de-sacs anyway...). That's my destination! Damn straight up. So, in case you happen to have that secret magic number for that space shuttle straight to the stars - give me a call, let me know! 

Watch out, Orion! You and your bright babes got some competition ahead... 

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