HAVE YOU missed me? Sorry for the non existent updates. We all know how it is when you go somewhere, right? Full schedule - do this and that, meet he and she.. And once I got home - work work work. Got home late Tuesday and unpacked my bags yesterday. That tells a lot.. Anyway! Here I am, ready to deliver again! 

And how was it over there? Perfect. Lovely. Except I lost my Ray Bans before we even got there.. Payback when I always carry 54269 things with me at the same time. Fortunately I found a new nice pair of shades which actually suits me better than the ones I lost! Will show you..

Do you, like anyone else, think of UK as a rainy and grey country? Think again. OH BOY, how nice it was! The weather gods smiled at us all week long and delievered sunshine and warmth every single day(!). God, I miss it already.. Couldn't wish for a better stay. And the wedding? Intimate and beautiful, just like a princess dream! Million thanks, Y & C! Wish you all luck. xx

The pic is me on the wedding wearing Karen Millen dress, heels from Topshop, earrings from River Island and bracelet 2nd hand. 

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