DID YOU KNOW that our bodies, on average, absorb 2 kilogram of chemicals a year only by using hygiene products? 2 KILOGRAMS of pure CHEMICALS that find their way down through our skin and out in our bloodstream. It's insane! Well, not the fact that we are using all these products (most people don't know much about this) cause everyone wants to be fresh and good looking, don't we? The insane part is that these chemicals are allowed whatsoever. Maybe this is something people don't think of. I mean, the products fulfill their purposes and that's enough, right? Not to me. I have (virtually) stopped using these chemical stuffed crap and now I'm only putting natural and organic things onto my skin. Shampoo, facials, toothpaste - you name it. The fact is that even these products do their thing. Many times better than the "regular" ones. 

But, how do you know whether a product harm you or not? A pretty simple trick, which in most cases works, is to check the ingredients. If the words are impossible to pronounce you better put the package back on the shelf. Natural products are mostly derived from plants and herbs.

Personally, I'm very concerned about my body and want to take care of it the best way possible. As a positive result I'm friendly towards Mother Nature as well. Win-win situation big time! Soo.. A little advice next time you go shopping for some beauty/hygiene products - turn the package and read what's in it before you put it in your basket. Your body will thank you. I promise. 

image via into the gloss

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