Jacket/inherited, top/2nd hand, belt/present, pants/Cheap Monday (old), shoes/Scorett, rabbit harness/old

WHO SAID YOU CAN'T strap your shoe instead of the rabbit? 
Don't always stick to the supposed area of use. There's always a new way to wear things.

When it comes to clothing, I find the combining part the funniest. Especially when you dare and allow yourself to think outside the box, 
when you find out that there's possible to turn your shirt into a skirt, that your favourite scarf can act as a belt and so on. 
Fantasy is always limitless. You might get some heads to turn sometimes, but who cares? Don't take fashion too seriously. 
It's fun to surprise people with unexpected things like these. It adds excitement to your outfit and to your whole presence.

Be experimental!

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