YES, WE'RE ALL FAMILIAR with leather pants. A pair of skinny pretty low-rise ones, right? This is the picture that pops up for most of us. Think again, baby! 
Now it's time to update that preconceived little image and welcome a new wide fit to your wardrobe. 

Personally, I still prefer the skinny model. More versatile in some way. Though I can't resist myself from thinking that there's something appealing with giving a such thick stiff material as leather the task to move and act like a flexible one. I predict that this wide trend, which has a interesting silhouette, will stand for a while so there's definitely a model to invest in. Fortunately, I save the money and thank my mum for being a few sizes bigger than me! Actually I was trying her leather pants on a few months ago, at that moment not quite ready to this new fit. Not that I didn't feel comfy wearing them, kinda cool actually, but I just couldn't find a suitable day or occasion to wear them. Time has come to dust those loose ones off. 
Stay tuned and I'm gonna rock those pants!

pics via style.com, edited by me

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